"In a chain of associations, ambiguous words act like points at a junction. Along the second track run the thoughts we are in search of" - Freud, Sigmund Fragment of an analysis of a case of hysteria, (1905)

What is Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy?

Psychoanalysis, known as "the talking cure" is an open ended and often long term treatment that places a unique emphasis on your singularity as a subject in relation to your symptom. Your symptom is often the reason why you have made the call to attend therapy in the first place. A symptom can range from anything such as interrupted sleep, anxiety, relationship difficulties, apathy, to managing a recent infertility diagnosis.  

How can Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Help? 

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy pays close attention to your speech as it speaks through unconscious formations, such as a slip of the tongue, dreams, the body, and through the repetition of unwanted patterns. The 'Working Through' of this form of psychothearpy reveals a 'Potential Space' where you can begin to unknot, disentangle, and weave together relevant interconnected experiences, threading the past to the present, in turn giving you the opportunity to re – orient, re – organise and re - construct your relationship to reality.