About Suantraí Psychotherapy: 

Suantraí Psychotherapy specialises in offering psychotherapeutic support with a unique focus on women's needs, embracing the individuality of each person's experiences and their distinct expressions. Rooted in the principles of Lacanian psychoanalysis, our practice places a strong emphasis on the power of language and the symbolic meanings attached to our words. This approach encourages clients to delve into the narratives that define their existence, seen through the prism of relationships, career paths, personal beliefs, values, and the standards they set for themselves, which collectively influence their life's joys and challenges.

The term Suantraí, derived from Irish, meaning "Lullaby," underscores our dedication to creating a comforting and secure space where clients feel acknowledged and supported, particularly during tough periods. Lacanian psychoanalysis's intricate focus on language acts as a gateway for clients to explore their inner world, fostering curiosity about the stories they live by. This exploration is geared towards enabling individuals to uncover and understand the unconscious patterns and beliefs they have about themselves, potentially hindering their growth and well-being.

By engaging with Suantraí Psychotherapy, clients are invited to not only confront these unconscious patterns but also to tap into their creative reservoirs. This can lead to a rich tapestry of choices and realisations, rejuvenating the vital energy needed to navigate daily life. Our goal is to provide a therapeutic journey that not only offers insight and understanding but also empowers women to reclaim their narratives, harness their potential, and live with a renewed sense of vitality and purpose.

Why might you be seeking support at this time? 

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Stress Management 
  • Separation & Divorce
  • Grief & Loss
  • Relationship Issues & Sexuality
  • IVF & Assisted Reproduction
  • Donor Conception
  • Antenatal & Postnatal Depression
  • Reproductive Trauma
  • Birth Trauma
Suantraí Psychotherapy

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